Your Buying Experience

When you shop at Haas Designs you are guaranteed to find your perfect piece!


Jeff Haas is more than a jeweler. He is an educator. He realizes that buying jewelry can be an intimidating experience. Most people know what message they want to express, but need support choosing the ideal piece to do so. Just figuring out the right questions to ask, can feel like a daunting assignment.

Jeff begins each consultation by sharing the wealth of knowledge he has amassed over the years. He feels there can never be too many questions. When a client understands the design process, they are able to contribute to the creation of a flawless design, simply by way of knowing what is possible.

Jeff’s easy-going manner and light sense of humor put his clients very much at ease. This is Jeff’s nature. It has often been said, “Jeff doesn’t have clients, only friends!” It is his genuine concern for each and every client that ensures his customers’ complete satisfaction. This is what sets him apart from others in the industry.